Patrick Hutchinson


The response to your time here has been overwhelmingly positive. The children were left inspired and determined to strive for equality and fairness for all. And the staff were moved and also ready to continue learning and be open to those awkward, but very necessary conversations that you referenced. From a personal point of view, what you said really spoke straight to my heart. The feelings of togetherness and unity in our hall gave me such hope for the future, it was a really uplifting experience.


Kate Smart
Assistant Head Teacher and Music Lead
Corpus Christi Catholic School

Patrick visited Cumnor House Girls’ School to deliver, what can only be described as, an inspirational assembly. He had the girls engaged from the start and the message of positivity, change and hope rippled through them. The interactive activity where the girls considered both sides of the argument provided an opportunity for reflection. Both pupils and staff left the hall today feeling inspired and motivated to pass on the message of positive change in the world.


Mrs S. Syradd
Deputy Head Teacher
Cumnor House Girls School

Huge thanks to Patrick for coming in and speaking to our whole school community about his experiences growing up in South London and his momentous act of kindness during the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests. He is a superb role model and speaks with charisma and eloquence. I would thoroughly recommend Patrick to any group or institution looking to foster diversity and inclusion. He is approachable and easy to talk to. He has given the school way more than any teacher or text book can through his lived experience of anti-racism and we plan to have him back next year.


Miss Annika Singer
Chislehurst School for Girls

Patrick Hutchinson is an inspirational individual, authentic, passionate and articulate with a moral purpose which has touched the hearts of the young and the old and the minds of people, regardless of religion, race, gender or colour.

It is an absolute pleasure to have met Patrick, listen to him recall the events of the day that changed his life and share his story with the children and staff. He is an amazing individual and yet so humble, considerate and self-effacing in recognising how much his single innocent action, during a Black Life Matters March resulted in having an impact across the world.


Theresa Moses
Head Teacher
Paxton Sports & Science Academy

What instantly came across when Patrick was speaking was how important fostering a solid community is to him. His actions from that afternoon in Waterloo exemplify this. His goals for the future show that he is not just trying to carry the hopes and dreams of his own particular socioeconomic demographic - he is trying to
represent all individuals.

His humility and quick-witted nature was on display to our students all evening. For our students to hear from a man of his stature, will serve as a pivotal moment in their personal development. At Eton, we hope many of our students will have careers where they commit to public servitude - I can say without reservation that Mr Hutchinson provides a great example of how to conduct oneself as an individual.

We wish Mr Hutchinson the best and he is welcome back to Eton College in the future.


Mr Andrew Isama
Eton College

Patrick Hutchinson’s act of bravery became one of the definitive moments of a summer fraught with unrest. On 13 June 2020, the image of him carrying an injured white protester over his shoulders and getting the man to safety, went around the world and transformed his life. As part of our Black History Month celebrations, Patrick kindly agreed to visit Emanuel School and tell our Sixth Form about his life and work. Rarely have I seen our Lower and Upper Sixth quite so transfixed by an external speaker. He held their attention for the best part of an hour speaking of the events of that fateful day, the Black Lives Matter movement and his charity, United to Change and Inspire. I can confidently attest to Patrick’s ability to inspire young people. His was one of the most moving school talks I have witnessed in three decades of teaching.


Mr S P Andrews
Senior Tutor Emanuel School

The presented delivered to the students here at New Directions was truly amazing. Patrick demonstrated that we can all change and make a difference. That we all possess the ability to stand up for what is right. The students asked questions that were pertinent to them living in today’s society and Patrick was able to offer advice. Patrick was very engaging. The students thoroughly enjoyed having him in school. One of our students was given the opportunity to read a passage from his book. Absolutely amazing. Patrick gave him confidence to read the passage. Patrick was very clear about being a normal person who happen to make the right choice at the right time. I believe that Patrick was able to leave our students thinking about what can they do in their community to make a difference; making the right choices.


Patricia Andrews
Assistant Head - Curriculum & Assessment
Newham Pru’s: New Directions