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CNN Special – His rescue at a London protest inspired Michelle Obama

By iampatrickhutchinson | March 3, 2021

His rescue at a London protest inspired Michelle Obama and Prince Harry. Now, Patrick Hutchinson is turning his moment into a movement. (CNN) – It…

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Londoner’s Diary: We hope to find a home for statue of BLM protest hero Patrick Hutchinson, says gallery owner

By iampatrickhutchinson | January 13, 2021

Patrick Hutchinson,  the man who carried an anti-BLM protester to safety last summer, has been immortalised in a statue which, it is hoped, will be…

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Patrick Hutchinson: ‘I’m not going to stand by and watch any human come to their demise’

By iampatrickhutchinson | December 30, 2020

The personal trainer, who offered a rare glimpse of unity in 2020 by rescuing a counter-protester at a BLM rally, reflects on his fame. Patrick…

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Black Lives Matter demonstrator’s rescue is this year’s Most Inspiring Moment

By iampatrickhutchinson | December 14, 2020

(CNN) – While 2020 may go down in history as a year that many people would prefer to forget, CNN Heroes viewers took time to…

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Patrick Hutchinson: ‘Anything that descends into violence, you lose the message’

By iampatrickhutchinson | December 1, 2020

When Patrick Hutchinson’s photo started to circulate, showing him holding a counter-protester on his shoulder to keep him safe from harm during this past summer’s…

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